The Végola integrated policy in all our production centers consists of the task of satisfying each and every one of our clients' needs by offering them a product of the highest quality and safety, taking this as one of the two basic pillars of our day to day .

Sustainability and respect for the environment is the second pillar, considering it fundamental to give continuity to the future of our work, thus perpetuating it over time.

We ensure sustainable agriculture in the fields until the product reaches the pantries of homes around the world. That is why we try to reduce the environmental impacts in the productive processes, since we are aware of the impact that this entails, thus establishing preventive, proactive lines of action and contributing to the development of new lines of work that are more sustainable and respectful of the natural environment in which we find ourselves.

In each of our Végola factories we have working dynamics of Integrated Management based on the most demanding international standards and protocols according to the needs of our clients, mainly focused on:

  • Quality and Food Safety of our products.
  • Respect, sustainability and care of the Environment.
  • Consideration with specific consumption groups such as vegans, vegetarians, Jewish population...

To achieve this ambitious goal, the challenge sets from Végola Franco Riojanas, Végola Rafael González, Végola Indo Spanish and Végola Benín are:

  • OPTIMIZE the means, equipment, facilities and resources that we have.
  • INNOVATE new products, production processes and facilities.
  • COMPLY with the legal regulations and the specific requirements agreed with our clients.
  • ENHANCE the feedback and collaboration with our clients by joining efforts to achieve mutual benefit.
  • EFFECTIVENESS in the use of capacity, talent and experience in all the people that make up Végola enhancing the well done to the first.
  • FOSTER the personal satisfaction of all those who form Végola through the achievement of Quality, Food Safety and Environmental objectives that materialize and quantify the commitment to continuous improvement.
  • GRANT the workers of the protection equipment, human and technical resources necessary to provide the necessary safety and health conditions for the performance of their work.

For all this, Végola and its "Beyond Food" philosophy guarantee quality and reliable products and promoting the versatility of our finished products with a continuous innovation.